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About Us

Founded in 2016 by Bikash Parik, Little Green Studio is an all-round solution provider for hospitality gigs and a holistic consultancy. Whether you are a brand looking for social media management, website design, photography and film, collaborations with famed chefs, or specialized menu curation — Little Green Studio is the place to be. 

What Sets Us Apart

With years of experience running his own restaurant and helping hospitality solutions for established labels and restaurants, Bikash ensures the consultancy evolves with the needs of the time. With this expertise, we would effectively mold your brand identity and strategy to translate it to your target audience. 


We understand the key role that social media plays in today’s day and age. Keeping this in mind, our services will ensure consistent yet constantly evolving creative pursuits to keep the audience engaged. Brand identity, strategy, and social media are defined largely by the visuals. 


With Little Green Studio, you can rest assured that we would bring your ideas to life and narrate a beautiful brand story through the composition of each picture and video. 


A continued exposure to the growing audience in the hospitality and events industry has shaped our vision with a focus on detailing, personalisation and aesthetic. Experience this process with us and watch your brand grow.

Connect With Us!

If you are looking for a motivated team that can help you enhance your brand strategy and creative vision, connect with us using the link below. Click on the link below to know more about the varied services we offer.

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